Leaf Removal is Important to Your Lawn

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Leaf Removal is Important to Your Lawn

Yes it is that time of year where leaf clean ups and removals are going on all around us.  Did you know that 75% of our fall waste stream is leaf debris?  Most municipalities and even some private collection stations take this leaf debris and compost if for future use in planting or mulching around trees and shrubs!  For many landscape companies leaf clean ups and removals are a service that is provided to their clients for many reasons:

1)      One big reason to remove excessive leaf debris from parts of your landscape is that it can smother turf and actually kill some of the new grass that you just planted!!!  Wet matted leaves can not only cut off the air supply to the turf-grass plant but they also block out the sun which the leaves need to turn into energy for food storage in the root areas for the upcoming growing months.  So save your turf and get the heavy leaf accumulations off the grass over the winter months.  During the growing season it is not an issue due to the turf being mowed on a regular basis.  And by the way it is great for the soil and the turf if some of the leaves are chewed up and returned to the soil.  You just want to make sure the leaves don’t smoother the turf blades!

2)      For safety reasons it may be good to remove leaves from driveways, sidewalks and other hard surfaces as many of you may have found out; leaves are slippery, especially when wet!!!  Leaves also can mask other hazards such as holes or other items that you cannot easily see which can cause you to trip or fall.

3)       In the landscape there are aesthetic reasons that just enhance your winter landscape when the leaves are removed.  Leaf free turf and planting beds just have a great look to them.  Especially in a wooded scene where the leaves are in a natural wooded section and your clean landscape is set right in the midst of everything.

Leaves can be a great form of insulation around tree and shrub root zones over the winter.  The leaves help keep the soil from drying out and help keep the root zone warm so it can keep functioning.  Over time the leaves break down and provide nutrients, and become organic soils that help the trees and shrubs grow.  Leaf litter also helps in retaining moisture around the root areas of trees and shrubs.  Once the leaves have broken down into the soil they can be readily available as nitrogen, other minerals and nutrients that can benefit the plant growth.

So as the leaves fall down, get yourself a plan on how to deal with all those leaves: you can call Sunrise Landscape + Design to help you out or tackle it yourself.  Either way you will be helping your landscape!!

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