Summer Garden Activities

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Summer Garden Activities

Gardening isn’t just a spring activity, several tasks can still to be done in your garden to keep you busy all summer long.  Although we’ve had plenty of rain this season, it’s always a good idea to keep a look out for water stressed plants.  They’ll be the ones with turned down, curled and limp leaves.  A lawn is dry when you walk across it and the grass blades don’t pop right back up and you can see your footprints.

It is best to water trees, shrubs and small plants at ground level whenever possible.  Soaker hoses are great for slowly watering your plants.  It’s better to water heavily once a week than a little every day.  This exposes roots to some dryness which makes the plants tougher and able to withstand the extremes throughout the year.  If you have an irrigation system, now is the time to be turning it on and having it run on a regular schedule.  Insect populations explode in the summer, especially after a rain, so be sure to eliminate standing water in your yard.  This could mean turning over empty plant pots and saucers, but could involve better drainage around your home.

Another result of the rain is growth of shrubs and trees.  Most, but not all, shrubs can benefit from summer pruning to reduce the amount of leaves the plant maintains and to help them air out from the center which discourages fungal problems.  Trees benefit from pruning by making the leaf canopy thinner and more open to reduce storm winds pulling down the tree.  Pruning can involve removal of dead flowers which usually results in another round of flowers.  You can fertilize your annuals, herbs and vegetables just about every time you water to keep them healthy and fed all summer long.

Sunrise Landscape + Design offer many of these services, so contact us to complete your summer gardening activities.  After all this work, don’t forget to sit back and enjoy your landscape on one of our cooler summer nights!  Walk barefoot on the lawn.  Looking out over an expanse of flowers and greenery calms our busy minds.

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