Why Sunrise?

Why Sunrise?

People often ask what sets Sunrise apart from other companies.  The answer is our dedicated, professional, hardworking, knowledgeable team of people. Our team of landscape professionals can solve most any landscape issue and come up with practical designs that will build value into your property. We take the hassle out of you trying to do the work yourself.  You have the freedom to enjoy the important things in life such as your family and friends and maybe gain a little free time for yourself.  Sunrise Landscape and Design builds value in making proper plant choices, providing quality construction, and performing proper maintenance of your landscape that you can enjoy. We save you the stress of trying to figure out problems such as, what is the right chemical to use and is it safe to use around my family or neighbors, where is the most aesthetically pleasing place to install a plant, or when will you find time to cut the grass.


We often run across potential clients that only care about cost.  What they should be thinking about is how landscaping can build value in their property by making good choices for the long term. Most of the work we do on older homes is fix the work of the guy they hired that was cheaper who gave no thought to long term planning. Often they planted a tree that grows 50 feet tall 5 feet from the house or didn’t think about the drainage when they built their patio or walkway.  Other clients realize the value we bring by doing professional landscaping such as coming up with a plan on how they can maximize the use and get the most enjoyment out of their home and property. And how does that build value?  When that client goes to sell the sale is easy because the landscape is inviting.  Think about a house with a well thought out landscape and how much better that house appealed to you than one that had plants in random locations, the front walk was just concrete or was sinking, or a backyard had a very small deck that was looking old and worn down.  You probably wouldn’t buy that home unless it was cheap and you were willing to start all over.


The same thing applies on commercial or multifamily properties such as a townhouse community. If you drive up and the properties look run down then you probably won’t want to live there.  I can’t stress enough the old adage of “pay for it now or it will cost you (usually a lot more) later”. For example if you planted a tree too close to your house and you invite me a professional landscaper over to create a plan to improve the look of a certain area, then I will see the potential long term problem. We can take down the tree while it is still young and the cost may be $300 verses waiting another 5-10 years and now it cost $2,500 to remove the tree and fix the damage it may have done to other things.


There is real value in using a qualified professional landscaper.  There is a difference!  See my blog article “Just Because You Have a Knife … does that make you a surgeon?” Most good landscaping can give you a dollar for dollar return on your investment, make the difference in you selling your home when others can’t, or at the very least, you’ll maximize the use and enjoyment of those areas.  My advice is to use a professional company that has been in business for a number of years, has a professional staff, and one that has the equipment to do the work properly and efficiently. It may cost a little more up front, but in the end it will be a whole lot more inexpensive if it is done correctly the first time.


~The Professionals

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