Why Mulch?

Why Mulch?

Mulching your landscape is one of the least expensive yet most effective ways to renew the look of your landscaping. If you are looking for that POP in your landscaping without paying big bucks on a new landscape, this is the route to take.

Mulch is an essential part of spring landscaping practices. Mulch is a protective material placed over soil to help retain moisture and improve the overall soil conditions. When properly applied, this application is very beneficial to plants, trees and shrubs. Mulch also gives your landscape a well-polished maintained appearance. When improperly applied, mulch can do the reverse causing harm to plants instead of providing protection.

Mulch is available in different colors, and levels of commercial forms.  Sunrise only uses Premium dark brown dyed mulch.  The benefits of using premium dark brown dyed mulch are the following:  dyed mulch will hold its color more than twice as long as regular mulch, by mid-summer most mulch turns gray, and forms a hard crust on the top layer on beds, but our mulch will look fresh all season long.


•Protection – Layers around trees and shrubs can help prevent damage from lawn equipment (such as weed whackers or lawn mowers).

•Better Moisture – Mulching helps retain moisture in the soil, which leads to less evaporation of water from the soil. This ensures your plants are kept hydrated longer and reduces the chance of them drying out.

•Weed Control – Prevents weed germination and growth.

•Improved Water Flow – Improved aeration, structure and drainage

•Landscape Health – Protection from specific diseases, while also improving the soil fertility.

•Temperature Control – Temperature regulation of your soil by cooling in the summer and warming in the winter.

•Overall Appeal – A proper layering of mulch gives a well maintained polish looked to the landscape.

Spring is upon us! Even though it has not felt that way due to the recent snow don’t let this stop you from falling behind.  Before you know it Easter will be here!

New mulch for your landscaping beds can be installed now! Don’t be the only one in your neighborhood with old, dead, grayed out mulch. Take the initiative and call Sunrise today. Take the neighbors by surprise by beating them to the punch and making your yard look better than anyone else.

Sunrise Landscape and Design makes the process a snap. You simply call us to come by and we will handle the rest. Call or email today for your free quote! 703-544-0028

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