Landscape Lighting: Low Voltage Vs. Solar

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Landscape Lighting: Low Voltage Vs. Solar

There are two main types of landscape lights that homeowners purchase; low voltage landscape lights and solar landscape lights. Let’s compare the two and see which type is the better value:

Low Voltage Landscape Lights

  • Have excellent light output
  • Enough to see clearly by for safe walking or illuminating trees and architectural features of your home
  • Are constructed of quality materials
  • We use Alliance fixtures and systems, which are made from solid brass and carry a lifetime fixture warranty.
  • Use quality components
  • Alliance lighting systems use warm white LED bulbs that are rated to last 50,000 hours, and have outdoor rated connections and underground wiring. Alliance LED bulbs have a nice warm white color identical to traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Are very efficient
  • Contemporary low voltage lighting systems use LED bulbs, with transformers that shut the system off during the day, either with a timer or light sensor

Solar Landscape Lights

  • Have low light output
  • Enough light to mark borders or edges of pathways, but are not bright to see clearly for walking. They cannot be used for lighting architecture or trees
  • Are constructed of cheap materials
  • Most solar lights are made from plastic or aluminum. Plastic fixtures oxidize and become brittle over time. Aluminum doesn’t rust, but the finish still oxidizes fades over time, especially the aluminum painted to look like copper. They usually look good for a year then start to degrade. The tiny stakes that come with the lights are easily broken if the lights are knocked over or hit
  • Use generic cheap components
  • Most solar lights are constructed using low power LED bulbs with a blue color, and use NiCad rechargeable batteries which don’t hold an overnight charge and will retain a charge less and less over time
  • Are efficient only in the short term
  • Contemporary solar lights are usually inexpensive if installed one time. However, because of the build quality and battery life, must usually replaced on a one or two year basis to maintain functionality. At around $75 per set, a ten year usage period ends up costing $750 or more

Look at the information above and make your own decision. Is the low price worth the hassle? Wouldn’t it be better to pay one time for a professional low voltage lighting system that you’ll never have to worry about? It’s getting dark so early now in the winter, wouldn’t it be nice to come home in the evening to a warmly lit home and landscape? We’d love to help you achieve that goal. Have one installed that will stand the test of time, provide real outdoor illumination and reliability for years to come.

Call Sunrise to discuss options for landscape lighting. Our experienced Landscape Designers would be happy to discuss options for your home and work with you to design a practical system.

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