Deer Salad

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Deer Salad

More often than not these days, my plant palette is affected to some degree by the presence of deer in our area. It’s hard to believe, but a little more than a hundred years ago, deer were on the verge of extinction. Now, as winter approaches, as other sources become scarce, a good number of the plants on your property will become very appealing as deer ‘salad’.

What can we do about this problem? Deer fencing is an option although a height of 7’-8’ is needed to be effective. Deer repellants are another option and often make sense in in a few selected areas. There are also sound, water and lighting devices designed to scare the deer away.

Perhaps the best solution presents itself at the design stage. While it has been said that no plants are deer-proof, there is plant material that is less desirable and through an original design incorporating these choices the deer will often look elsewhere for their dinner.

I have collected many deer-resistant plant lists over the years and the Rutgers Cooperative Extension has an easy to use website for this purpose as well.

Sunrise landscape + design has professional and reliable personnel that will install deer fencing or apply deer repellant for you, as well as creative designers who can develop landscape plans with deer in mind. So, if you’ve grown tired of feeding the deer, give us a call at 703-544-0028 and we can work together to find a solution to your problem.

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