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A Landscape Consultation

When I meet with a potential new client to discuss a project that they may have in mind for their residence, whether it be hardscape, landscaping, a water feature, lighting or a combination the appointment often falls into two distinctly different experiences.

Often the homeowner will quickly come outside moving around the property pointing out various locations and issues and then ask when they could expect an estimate. While this might work for a small, quick proposal, there is another version of this appointment that I prefer.

Many of my best new, and previous, clients will invite me inside and we will begin with some small talk to get to know each other and see if Sunrise might be a good fit for the work. There could be neighborhood restrictions, family interests or concerns, or even the family pet to consider before we get down to the nitty gritty of the proposal.

I often share a picture book filled with various jobs Sunrise has completed and catalogs that have examples of the materials Sunrise often uses in their jobs. I encourage and welcome the opportunity to see any pictures or ideas the homeowner has saved on their tablet or gathered from magazines. I can then get a sense of their tastes and find out how they envision the space or areas being used. It is then much easier developing a program and maybe even involving them in the design process. By working together, we can best serve our Sunrise landscape + design customers.

Our ultimate goal is for the client to be so pleased with the installation and experience that they will not consider calling anyone else when the next project is being considered and will enthusiastically recommend Sunrise if anyone they know mentions that they are looking for a landscape contractor.

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