Just Because You Have a Knife …

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Just Because You Have a Knife …

does that make you a surgeon?

I am amazed and embarrassed by certain companies that call themselves landscapers.  It makes it difficult for consumers to understand what constitutes a reputable company vs some guy who bought a mower and says he is a landscaper.
There are a few things that can help determine the value of the company that the consumer can hire such as the following:
-Does the company have any certifications?
-How long has the company been in business?
-What are the employee’s qualifications?
-Is their website informative and does it give a good perspective of the company?
-Are there online reviews that add insight to the companies professionalism?
-Do they answer the phone and/or return calls in a timely manner?
-Do they have the proper insurance, business licenses and credentials?

While this may sound like a lot of information to consider I think it is crucial for protecting the biggest investment most of us have, our home. Landscaping done poorly, or wrong, can cost you a lot in the end. Poor plant choices can damage structures and create excessive maintenance costs along with actually bringing down your properties value.  Conversely good quality craftsmanship and planning can actually greatly improve the value and desirability of your home when you go to sell. It can also add to years of enjoyment, family bonding and usefulness of your property.
So, I repeat my question do you want a true surgeon to operate on you or just some guy with a knife?                 Call Sunrise 703-544-0028

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