How to Design a Nice Back Yard

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How to Design a Nice Back Yard

First, make a list of things you like or would like to do outside. Which areas of the yard would you like to use, the back yard, front, sides? Then think of ways to accommodate those activities.

Maybe you have a few younger children who will appreciate a nice lawn to play in; you’ll need to make a way for the sun to grow a good stand of grass, or even start with a fresh sod installation. Another great way to provide wholesome outdoor exercise is to install a play set. Most of the time, it’s ideal to build a wooden frame surrounding the play set and fill the inside with soft, cushiony play mulch. Since the average backyard isn’t perfectly level, it will be necessary to build a retaining wall to have a flat, level area for the play set. Sunrise can help you design and build this.

Most families enjoy grilling, bonfires and eating outside. The most common way to address these needs is to build a patio or deck. Patios for entertaining or dining should then be designed for the specific use that they will provide, like seating people at a table, or centering the guests around a cozy fire pit.

Trees provide benefits like privacy, shade and screening into the design and make the space more comfortable. Pergolas provide partial shade and create a sense of enclosure by the overhead beams of wood, which act as a ceiling visually.

But privacy doesn’t necessarily mean planting a tightly spaced row of Green Giant Arborvitae trees either, along your property line. By simply guiding the eye away from distractions with a partial screening, you can accomplish the same thing. All that is needed sometimes is to partially obstruct the view of a neighbor’s house by planting a few trees in key points. The end result is functional, looks more natural and even saves money.

A great way to increase the curb appeal of your home is to have a well maintained and functional landscape planting. You can include a practical walkway and steps to the front door, have colorful flowers and shrubs to attract the guest to the front door and landscape lighting for after hours conversation and entertaining in the garden. A good landscape design is not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing and blends the house and it’s architecture into the landscape around it. Trees can be placed to frame an entrance or architectural feature of the home. Perennial flowers, with their colorful blooms, can be placed near porches and doors to guide unfamiliar guests to the entrances. Evergreen shrubs can be placed along the foundation to provide year round coverage.

Finally, a good landscape design is not only beautiful, but practical and sustainable. What do I mean by sustainable? I mean using the right plant for the right place. Sustainable landscapes work by planting perennials, shrubs and trees in their ideal climate. If a plant is labeled to grow well with full sun exposure, it needs to be planted where it receives full sun. If it prefers dry soil, don’t plant it in a boggy area of your property. Know how big a plant will grow to be at full size. That pretty azalea or knockout rose on sale at the home improvement store may be one foot tall in the pot right now, but it will grow to be six to seven feet tall and wide in a few short years. Contact Sunrise to set up a consultation with one of our experienced landscape designers and get started on designing a nice backyard for your home!

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