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Pruning Your Landscape

Correct pruning is an essential maintenance practice for trees and shrubs in the home landscape. Pruning is not difficult if you understand the basics of how to prune. Trees and shrubs should be examined annually for pruning requirements. Too often, pruning is ignored for several years and become overgrown and often weak plants which often times will require drastic pruning in order to bring the plant to a manageable level.


We recently were performing a landscape renovation much of the landscape was over grown and had not been pruned in several years.  During the renovation there were Euonymus Alta, ‘Burning Bush’, that were completely over grown, covering the customer’s garage windows.  During our evaluation we also noticed that the plant had a lot of deadwood in the center which needed to be removed.   Our Supervisor professionally pruned the plant to a manageable level by reducing it below the garage window. During the process he found that there was another layer of plants growing underneath these monster plants which could not be seen prior to reducing them.  By reducing the plants it gave a fresh appearance to the front of the house providing sunlight to the garage.


Scheduled pruning can prevent a plant from overgrowing its space in the landscape and eliminates the need for drastic cutting of crowded, overgrown plants. It can allow for growth of plants under or adjacent to the pruned plant. Pruning can encourage plant vigor through the removal of weak, overcrowded growth. Such thinning often improves the visual balance or symmetry of the plant and provides a neat and clean appearance to your home.


Notice the vigor of these Burning Bushes upon renewal pruning.  SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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