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Add Interest to Your Lawn and Landscape Northern Virginia

The majority of folks in Northern Virginia offer their landscapes love and attention  during  three of the four seasons.  Spring is the time the grass revives itself, a majority of the trees and flowers create magnificent canvases of blooms, and the toil of mulching does a number on your back. Summer provides you the opportunity to be outside enjoying your landscape with friends and family. Autumn delivers the brilliant colors of the leaves along with the not so brilliant cleaning of the leaves. But as the last of the leaves float to the ground and the once gorgeous perennials brown and go dormant most will forget about their landscapes until spring arrives. Leaving it sitting outside broken hearted during the brutally cold snowy days just wanting someone to pay attention to it.  We all have evergreens planted in our landscape to provide some greenery  but when did anyone ever say “Wow, that is such an interesting arborvitae!”  As everyone else’s landscape has hunkered down for the season set yourself apart and plant your landscape to provide you with love and beauty for all four seasons. Below are a few plants that will be able to make this happen.


The red-twig dogwood is a great woody shrub.  They do best in full sunlight.  The red-twig will provide year round interest with spring blossoms, variegated leaves in the summer, berries from summer to fall, and as the plant’s name describes the bright red twigs in the winter months. When planting these you want to make sure they are visible from a window so when you are sipping your hot chocolate looking out the window of your home you can enjoy their beauty.



Hellebore is an evergreen perennial that will bloom during the winter months.  It has many other  noble traits for those in northern Virginia will adore.  It loves shade and should be planted there (another forgotten part of landscaping we can address at a later time). Those of Reston and Great Falls who are constantly dealing with dense shade take note.  Deer are a struggle for Reston and Great Falls as well and now you can also add Ashburn and Leesburg into the mix.  Hellebores are deer resistant.


The blooms of the camellias provides cheer during the winter months.  The evergreen leaves are a dark green color which provides a great backdrop for the showy flowers. Camellia can provide some struggles in becoming established in the cooler temperatures of Virginia but if provided with a protected area they will flourish.  As the picture shows they are a wonderful welcoming plant when espaliered on the wall of an entrance.

Winterberry Holly

Deciduous holly is not an oxymoron and it does exist. It is a native plant that is easy to grow in Northern Virginia. Each autumn the leaves will turn yellow and fall off leaving the spectacular view of the thousands of berries clinging to the branches of the plant.  The berries will hold on throughout the winter months. In order to be sure you have a full set of berries it is recommended to plant a least one male to every three females.

Start thinking now for the next season. What can you do to help you enjoy your landscape year round. If you are in need of help please give us a call at Sunrise Landscape and Design, 703-544-0028, or look at some of our work online.

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