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Certifications, Who Cares?

I personally hold over 6 certifications and licenses that include being a “Certified Land Disturber”, “Certified Landscape Professional (Manager)”, “Certified Horticulturalist”, “Certified Pesticide Applicator” and I am a certified paver installer thru ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) and Segmented Retaining Wall (SRW) certified by NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association) to install segmented block retaining walls. My company, employees and I have many more on top of that. What does all that mean to you as a consumer? Basically for me, it means I am held accountable for doing things properly and keeping up with the latest in training and safety. I am held to a standard by my peers. For you the customer, it should give you peace of mind that we know what we are doing and any work will be done properly and to some credible standards. This would equal real value.

This is what sets Sunrise Landscape + Design apart from most companies. I do not get many call backs to fix problems with work completed and, if we do, it is typically minor and we just take care of them. I do get several inquiries on how to fix someone else’s work. My guess is they had no certifications or real training and the customer saved a few dollars. But did they? Typically it costs alot more to fix someone else’s problem than spending a little more in the beginning to get it right.

This is where the certifications and training really come into play. It is an easy way to distinguish between a company that knows what they are doing and can save you money in the long run verses a fly by night company that really just want to get your money and move on to the next person who is just interested in the cost.

Every person at Sunrise spends countless hours training, attending classes, seminars and getting certifications to improve themselves and to bring real value to our clients. This is why we have been in business for over 25 years and we only strive to get better so you the customer can get the value and service you are paying for! I hope you will agree that certifications and training do make a difference and the educated consumer will come out way ahead.

We invest in these certifications and training so when you invest in your landscape you get a real return and enjoyment from your property. Our goal is to make it easy to do business with us and to build a long term relationship that will last. We want to be your go to landscaper! Call us at 703-544-0028.

Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design, Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company for all your lawn maintenance needs.  We are a full service landscape contractor serving Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County and Loudoun County.  Whether you need landscape design with water features, landscape lighting, walkways and patios or lawn maintenance services such as lawn mowing, mulching turf care, leaf clean-up or garden clean-up we work with you to make your landscape beautiful.

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