Fall and Winter Landscapes

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Fall and Winter Landscapes

Everyone knows how beautiful a spring landscape can be with all of the emerging foliage and flowering that happens. For me I think the Fall and even the winter can display awesome colors, textures and elements that may go unnoticed. Most trees have some sort of fall color that combined with other elements in the landscape that show a different perspective. As landscape designers we look for plants that have at least 3 seasons of interest.

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That could be flowers, foliage color, texture, fall color, form, bark, berries or some other interesting feature that is unique to that plant or group of plants. Then you have hardscape elements such as boulders, statuary, water features, walls, patios and walkways that add another dimension to the landscape. These all add different interests at different times of the year with elements from season to season. One of my favorite landscape elements is low voltage lighting. It not only is good for safety reasons but it extends the enjoyment of the landscape into the night. Good professionally installed lighting can really add to the interest and enjoyment of a landscape. In the winter when the nights are longer it just shows off your landscape, and if it snows, that just makes it that much better.My whole point is that the Fall and Winter can be of great interest, beauty and enjoyment of the landscape. Don’t make your landscape just about the spring flowers! If you think only about the foliage and flowers you may just be missing out!

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