What is Landscape Sustainability?

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What is Landscape Sustainability?

Since “green” and “sustainable” have become overly “commoditized” in the recent years, much of the emphasis has been lost when the average person runs across these terms. Companies are adopting these terms in an attempt to set their business apart from the rest of the crowd, but with critical observation, it becomes painfully obvious in some cases that the “greening” of a company is little more than a sleight of hand. However, it should be noted that scores of companies have fully embraced and integrated sustainable and green practices into their business. These companies should be commended for their efforts. At the local level, Loudoun County and the Chamber of Commerce sponsor a competition, the Loudoun Green Business Challenge, a friendly points-based competition and certification process that requires companies to analyze their business operations and its impact on the environment. Click here to learn more about the challenge.

Landscape sustainability is a moving objective. It is a principle rather than a condition that can be attained. Just as everyone has personal goals, such as being more caring, more patient, etc., our landscape goals are to design, build, and maintain gardens and lawns in a more sustainable way. This interpretation may be too loose and too far from absolute sustainability for some, but Sunrise encourages all levels of sustainability. It is too easy to be cynical and critical of claims of sustainability. It is much more demanding and favorable to apply sustainable principles to the landscape.

While our clients say they want native plants, xeriscaping, and organic turf-care, very few know what this means for their landscape. Is it beneficial to put a sun loving but native plant in a densely shaded area? Is over applying organic fertilizers better than applying the correct amount of synthetic fertilizer? It is important to redirect your clients from caring about using the right terms to obtaining the correct objective.


  • Sunrise Landscape + Design recycles all of our prunings, leaves, clippings, soil, etc. so they can be turned into compost or mulch and reused
  • Sunrise Landscape + Design uses all of its petroleum based products from their trucks and equipment to heat the service bays at their facility in the winter.
  • Sunrise Landscape + Design has achieved “Gold” status through the Loudoun Green Business Challenge
  • In 2010 Sunrise Landscape and Design was one of four companies in the United States to win the “Sustainable Company Award” through PLANET.

If you have any questions regarding how to make your landscape more “green” give Sunrise a call.  We’re happy to help!

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