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Customer Regrets

Occasionally customers will give us feedback on the quality of our work and how pleased they are with our efforts and the end results. Landscaping as a job can give you some great satisfaction when the project is completed.

The other day I received an eye opening email from a former customer who decided they wanted to save some money and went with another company or alledged “landscape professionals” that were recommended. The email was basically an apology about questioning our pricing and not putting stock in what it takes to get some of the work done. It went on to explain the nightmare of having to have the other company rebuild a wall several times to get it right and not completing the work in a timely manner. They went on to say they now had a good understanding of the difficulty of the work and why it cost what it cost and they would never question our pricing again.

While this is satisfying in the short term, we would prefer to have any and all of our customers just appreciate what we do and ask question if they don’t understand what it takes to do a complete and professional job.

Alot of what we do is a combination of artistry, experience, skill, and knowledge all put together to come up with not only an aesthetically pleasing landscape but one that will function many years to come. I encourage anyone looking to hire a landscaper to go off recommendations and ask questions. Make sure you understand what is involved in your particular job. even if you don’t fully understand what is going on it can not only enlighten you to what it takes to do the work but will give you an appreciation of the value you are getting along with the confidence you have made the right choice in having the work done. Real professionals will take the time to explain the process of what is being done. We love what we do and work to have our customers a part of their project.

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