Understanding the Value of Landscaping

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Understanding the Value of Landscaping

I meet with customers everyday. Some of them really understand the value of a well maintained landscape, others clearly do not. For example I went to someone’s home to do an estimate. Sunrise had never worked with this customer before. It was clear that they had spent some money to get a descent landscape installed, their was a variety of quality plant selections, they had a paver patio put in and the design was solid. However there were weeds everywhere in the beds, no pruning had been done and the landscape needed help. Their solution was to ask me to give them a price to put “concrete” in the beds or some kind of rock (gravel) in the beds to prevent the weeds from coming up in the future.

I often get the same request to put fabric down in the mulch beds to prevent the weeds, which I do not recommend, typically it can cause more problems than it is worth. Getting back to the customer request, I went on to ask some more questions and it was clear the customer was not making any effort to pull the weeds, prune the shrubs or do any maintenance at all as they did not have time and I could see really they did not have the passion or desire to work out in the yard. Which I know is very difficult when temperatures are in the 90’s. He did want his landscape to look good and did not want to offend his neighbors by not keeping his landscape looking good and therefore dropping the value of the homes in the neighborhood. This is not a problem but they needed to understand that a little maintenance can go a long way in improving the appearance of their home and preserving the quality of what they had invested in their original landscape.

Here at Sunrise landscape and design we make every effort to help educate the customer on the value of maintaining your investment of landscaping.

The solution for this customer is not to spend more money , unnessarily in this case on stone or some other material to solve their problems, but instead to invest in some maintenance services. At Sunrise landscape + design we perform what are called “garden visits” where we send out a crew, usually biweekly to pull and treat weeds, do basic pruning and clean up any trash or excesive debris. And to supplement those visits we perform more extensive prunings at the appropriate times based on the plants cultural requirements and the appearance of the landscape.

This will solve several problems for the customer:

1) Overall appearance of the landscape will be greatly improved.

2) They will not have to worry about doing the work, investing in tools, equipment, fertilizers and weed controls.

3) By having this work done by professionals their yard will look well maintained and their property value will be as high if not higher than most of their neighbors.

4) Profesionally trained landscapers can make sound plant recommendations that will help build value rather than wasting money on improper plant choices for certain situations that can cause you to spend more money to correct a problem that could have been easily avoided.

Visit our website www.sunriselandscapeanddesign.com to see some of the landscapes we maintain and Install. Then give us a call and let us show you how we can help take the worry out of maintaining your landscape.

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