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We Fix Cheap Landscapes!

Have you tried a cheaper landscaper and they botched the job?
We are often called out to see if we can fix or finish a job that some other “landscaper” started and could not finish or just did not know what they are doing. It really does pay to hire a true professional when it comes to landscaping. Professionally trained and educated designers can choose the right plant for the right place. We also can provide the expertise on proper installation of hardscaping such as pavers and retaining walls. We are professionally certified to perform these types of jobs, our crews are trained and operate to certain safety standards. If you don’t use someone that is credible, has the proper training and certifications, you are rolling the dice. Sure it may be cheaper, but is it really?

If you hire someone and they perform the task and it fails after the first year who is going to pay and how much are you willing to pay to get it fixed? It could cost you double! For example you have a paver driveway installed and the person(s) you hired did not know what they were doing and only put down a minimal amount of base material. A year later you have ruts in your driveway and the guy you hired is out of business. To fix this problem I would need to pull up the pavers, excavate existing materials down to the proper depth and start the process all over again. In essence you will be paying double or even more to get this corrected. If you do not fix it your property value will decline and you have some liability issues to consider.

We have the expertise and resources to fix what the other guy couldn’t do correctly the first time.
Call Sunrise landscape + design (703-544-0028) today for a free consultation to see if we can help.

“We fix cheap Landscapes!!!!!!!”


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