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Shameless Self-Promotion of Sunrise Landscape + Design

I will admit my reason for this blog is to promote my company Sunrise landscape + design formerly Sunrise Lawn/Landscaping Services, Inc. The other reason I do this is to inform the public about the challenges we as professionals face in dealing with clients, issues we run up against in the field and just some things to consider in your own landscape here in the Northern VA area.

Since we are in what most landscaing experts term a “transition zone”, basically we have some of the extreme cold of the north to some of the extreme heat and humidity from the south. This poses a challenge to growing certain species of plants and turf. Alot of consumers don’t comprehend the effect climate has on how well plants grow. Hopefully some of these posts will address and make some of those issues clear. One great example of this is hemlock trees. The heat here is just too much in most cases and the plants are constantly stressed which makes them more susceptible to pests and diseases.

I will always recommend hiring professionals to perform the design and the work. That does not mean you as the consumer can’t have input. That is the great thing about working with Professionals. We can take your ideas and make sure they will work in reality. We can bring up things you may not have thought about such as drainage and how it is impacted when you install a retaining wall or patio.

We love working with clients that have an idea of what they want and just need some help implementing it. Give us a call 703-544-0028 to help you get the value and the most out of your property.


Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design, Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company for all your lawn maintenance needs.  We are a full service landscape contractor serving Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County and Loudoun County.  Whether you need landscape design with water features, landscape lighting, walkways and patios or lawn maintenance services such as lawn mowing, mulching turf care, leaf clean-up or garden clean-up we work with you to make your landscape beautiful.

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