Protect Your Plants from Further Snow Damage

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Protect Your Plants from Further Snow Damage

With all of the snow we have had plants have been taking a beating!
Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Get any frozen snow off of the branches. Careful not to damage the branches when removing the snow.
  • Dig out branches that have been pulled down into the snow. As the snow melts it can potentially do more damage by pulling the branches down even more causing them to break.
  • Stake and or wrap shrubs that are drooping or leaning. Careful not to damage the branches any further as they are very brittle.
  • Any branches that are broken or partially broken will in all likelyhood need to be removed by pruning. Some plants can be tied back up if the break is not to severe.
If you think there is a chance then try it, the worse that can happen is you prune it off later. Do not wait to do these tasks as more snow falls and even melting occurs it could make things worse.

Remember there are many professionals who can help if you aren’t sure. And yes it may cost you a few dollars, but if you do nothing it may cost even more, not to mention the aesthetics to your landscape.


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